Sam Freiman

Sam Freiman

Memories of a Lost World
30 min

Sam Freiman, born in 1926 in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland, grew up in a Jewish community which was totally destroyed during the Second World War. In the film he returns to his native village to see if it is possible to come to terms with his tragic past.

Polish-Jewish survivor of the Nazi extermination camps, Sam Freiman, tells us about his childhood, the lost history of a life before the Second World War, in a small town near Warsaw. There was no anti-Semitism and everyone lived together peacefully – until the Nazis came and everything changed. Immediately they began shooting the Jews or putting them into the ghetto, only to kill most of them later. This is the heart breaking story of an old man who still cannot comprehend what has happened. Dutch film director Frans Weisz:

"… the only important thing is to look at him, at his eyes, when he tries to find out how much sorrow, anger or madness he is prepared to feel … I hope people still have just enough love to listen to Sam Freiman.

Sam sadly passed away in Dec, 2019.


Director, producer, researcher and scriptwriter

Helga Merits

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Maaki Nurmeots

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